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Speckled trout and redfish, caught fishing in Ft. Morgan, Alabama fishing with Another Fish Charters, located in Orange Beach, Alabama.Sunrise over Southern end of Mobile Bay, Ft. Morgan, AlabamaRed fish, sheepshead, and black drum, caught fishing in Intercoastal Waterway in Gulf Shores, Al. AFC, located in Orange Beach, AlabamaBull red fish and sheepshead, caught in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Ghost shrimp. These guys live under the sand at the beach. They are very prehistoric looking. You can find these along the beaches of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama. We use them a lot when fishing for sheepshead in early spring.Bull red caught fishing light tackle along the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Commonly caught when fishing during spring and summer months.29" speckled trout caught fishing in Fort Morgan, Alabama. Nice catch of speckled trout, caught fishing with Another Fish Charters, in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Here along the Alabama coast, we have a great speckled trout fishery, especially during summer months. These are a favorite for anyone to catch while inshore fishing.Nice mess of trout for the table.Went out one afternoon fishing by myself, catching a few for dinner! Inshore fishing is always such a learning experience. Fish were caught in Fort Morgan, Alabama.Nice red fish caught fishing light tackle in Orange Beach, Alabama.
You can tell this fish came from the beach due to his very light colors. These fish will turn very white after they have been in the gulf for a while.My absolute favorite sunrise picture. I took this picture standing on the dock at the marina in Fort Morgan, Alabama. These never get old. Come check out these amazing sunrise while inshore fishing with Another Fish Charters, based in Orange Beach, Alabama.Their first inshore fishing experience has them hooked! Speckled trout fishing in Orange Beach, Ft. Morgan, Alabama is a great family activity.His biggest fish to date. A lot of these fish are caught fishing 12 lb tackle. Bull red fish on any tackle is major fun.
The white, flaky meat of the speckled trout makes them a prime target for people looking to do a little inshore fishing for dinner.They say pictures are worth 1,000 words. This one should have plenty to say. Inshore fishing isn't what I do, its who I am. I live for this stuff!Perfect guys day out, inshore fishing with Another Fish Charters in Fort Morgan, Alabama. Lifetime of experience fishing coastal waters of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan, Alabama.Me and this lil fella spend a lot of time "fun fishing" around the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area. Plenty of fish to catch fishing from land, if you know when and where. This flounder was one of many caught over about a two week period.
Bull red fish is a common request. Although they are around most all year, late summer months is best. These fish can be caught fishing the pass in Fort Morgan or Orange Beach on the right tides.The first FISH he ever caught! What a way to start.Bull red fish and a red snapper caught inshore fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama. I generally don't fish for snapper, but, if one bites the hook, we'll catch it too!Great morning trip. Everybody fishing got to pull on plenty of fish, and had more than enough for the freezer. Fish caught in Fort Morgan, Alabama.
Speckled trout caught in Fort Morgan, Alabama.Great double by these two kiddos. Inshore fishing is very popular with kids, calm waters and manageable size fish make for a great day with the little ones. Call Another Fish Charters while vacationing in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, Alabama.Tight lines the entire trip! Hungry fish and sunny skies made for one easy day inshore fishing.Speckled trout
He said he wanted to take this red fish home whole!Nice red fish caught on bass tackle. He just had to bring his tackle too see if it would do the job. I'd say it works.First saltwater fish. Speckled trout caught while inshore fishing.Getting it done! 5 person limit of speckled trout with a couple red fish.
Late spring is my favorite time to fish for slot size redfish.He caught this fish while fishing all by himself. (He requested that on pic!)Very fat, stubby red fish. Beautiful fish.Black drum. We rarely target these, but there's no mistaken when one eats the hook. It's almost comparable to reeling in a 5 gallon bucket of water.
By far, the best looking life jacket I have ever seen!These two kids had a great time fishing with dad this morning.Trout fishing on the beach in early summer is one of my favorites.This time his buddy hooked up!
Quick limit of bulls on this trip. Made one drift and had our limit.Super!Holding that fish like a sack of taters!When given the opportunity, I will venture back offshore. Grouper are my most favorite reef fish to catch.
I never get tired of this sight. So very fortunate to call this my office.Some of the fish we play with are very dangerous, even when dead. Here's the damage caused by a dead king mackeral. They have a mouth full of razors! We use wire line when fishing for these.27 was the final tally of bulls on this trip. All caught fishing light tackle.not bad for a first ever speckled trout.
A boat full of absolute slabs. Late fall is the best time to stick a gig in one of these doormats.Heading out for a day of offshore bottom fishing.Nice catch of speckled trout, and a bonus bull redfish.When we have time, we enjoy taking advantage of the spring time bass bite.
I see this at least a couple times a year. He had actually had this boat running before lunch.Upper slot size redfish, caught fishing in southern Mobile Bay.Bowed up!Bull redfish.
Bull Redfish caught off Dixie Bar in Fort Morgan, AlabamaJust because! Me and this dude spend a lot of time hunting fish together.Had to work for them, but we finally managed enough for a couple meals.Wonderful day trout fishing with great folks.
First ever redfish. its never too late!Bryce showing off his ribbon fish.Couple of speckled trout caught fishing in Orange Beach, AlabamaNo better way to spend some father, son time!
What  I live for!!The sheepshead bite in early spring can sometimes just get out of control!Me and this dude spend a lot of time stretching the string together. He does most of the catching, and in style most of the time!Spring is one of the best times of year to get in on plenty of action inshore fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama.
My son and I love to spend our spare time finding and fishing local fishing spots accessible by footCatch and release trip for these girls, but I decided to keep a few to give to the family.
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