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Kids Tournament
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Red Snapper

  Red snapper could be argued the most controversial fish swimming. Ask anyone who has never personally been on the Gulf of Mexico, and they'll probably tell you that they are a species in need of help. Ask anyone on the gulf coast, and I'll assure you, the answer will be quite the opposite. The federal government would lead you to believe these fish are endangered, yet we are catching them inside the bays.

  Red snapper are like feral pigs and will absolutely decimate a reef. They breed and grow quickly, and have a appetite like a giant pig.

Windy Days

  When I looked at the forecast at the beginning of the week, I knew my patience and skills were going to be put to the test. With a predominantly SE wind at 15-20 mph, I put us a plan together for fishing the northern side of the peninsula for speckled trout and redfish.

His first 2 speckled trout.  High tide in the Orange Beach/Fort Morgan area was around mid day all week, which is ideal for the stretch we were fishing. We took both shrimp and croakers as bait, with shrimp being the bait of choice each day this week.

Kids Tournament

  I have to take the time to brag on my son, I entered him into the Kids Tournament located at the wharf, in Orange Beach, Alabama. The kid fished hard for four hours straight, and it paid off for him. Out of 136 anglers, he took 1st place in master angler category, with a total of 43 fish. Nobody was even near him, 2nd place was 24 fish, and I must say, as humble as I try to be, this dad was pumped! This was our first tournament together, and not only did he take first place, he beat the combined total of 2nd and 3rd place.

Discount Catch and Release Trips

Very nice redfish caught and released to fight again in Orange Beach, Alabama.This year we will be offering discounted catch and release trips in order to bring awareness to the importance of catch and release fishing. With the number of people participating in the sport of fishing growing rapidly each and every year, and the limits staying the same, we must take it upon ourselves to protect our fishery. Fishing is how I feed my family, so the protecting of my livelihood is a huge priority of mine.

  The larger fish produce more baby fish, so for every large fish you kill, (larger fish are generally female), the more baby fish you are taking away from next years crop.

Cobia Fishing

  Spent the weekend fishing a cobia tournament in Destin, FL. If you're not familiar with cobia fishing, I'll run through the basics for you. These fish are mainly caught by sight fishing, from a tower, using jigs or live bait. The most popular bait is live eels, but they'll eat just about anything, given the opportunity.

  It's not uncommon to ride for hours and not see a fish. Especially these last few years. The cobia population has took a huge dive over the past ten years.

Limited Time

  We only had a 14 hour window to fish this week, and we took full advantage. We had a steady bite on speckled trout until around 10 AM. After the trout bite slowed, to almost non-existent, we decided to head out to fish the rigs in the southern end of Mobile Bay for sheepshead. The kids also really enjoyed the variety of fish that came off these rigs, sheepshead, southern king fish, stingrays, sea robin, oyster fish, and even a small blow fish. That was the biggest hit of the day!

Spring Time Action

  The spring time sheepshead bite is in full swing. They can be found close to the gulf around any type of old structure. Catching most fish on live shrimp and a Carolina rig, though sometimes in the clear water and slow current, free lining baits seem to work better. Speckled trout and redfish are also being caught regularly. Early morning top water bite has been a nice change of pace from the sheepshead fishing. Been finding most fish not far from the mouths of creeks. Free line shrimp along with popping corks have been working well.

Inshore Fishing Catch in Orange Beach, Alabama

What you can expect to catch inshore fishing with Another Fish Charters in Orange Beach, Alabama
**Catch bull redfish on light tackle inshore fishing with Another Fish Charters in Orange Beach, Alabama
**Catch trout on live shrimp inshore fishing with Another Fish Charters in Orange Beach, Alabama
**Catch flounder inshore fishing or go flounder gigging at night with Another Fish Charters in Orange Beach, Alabama
**Catch triple tail inshore fishing with Another Fish Charters in Orange Beach, Alabama

Light Tackle Fishing

Light Tackle Fishing
 Nothing is more rewarding than giving the upper hand to fish and still bring that fish to the boat.  Advances in technology have gifted us with some of the most superior, light weight, and durable tackle like never seen. You can now catch your table fare with what used to be your bait rod.
  When I'm fishing for trout, flounder, red fish in relatively open water I will not hesitate to use 10lb or maybe even less given the situation. Light line will usually generate many more strikes, especially in a high visibility situation.

Get in on the action

Guy's I can promise you if you are reading this you need to call and get in on some of this action. The red fish, sheephead. flounder.and blackdrum have really been fired up. Couldn.t find any live shrimp on trip today so we took fiddler crabs. I was a little nervous about the lack of shrimp but i soon got over it! Turned out to be two awesome trips with a few reds over the slot. 30lb braid on stractic seems to do the job. Call me lets go fishing.
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